Manage every client, plant and contract

blueplant enables you to manage your complete portfolio: Clients, contracts and all leased plants and related services at a glance.

Faster and smarter planning of visits and routes

blueplant helps you plan and schedule your plant care visits. Travel times, amount of care and staff availability are combined to create the optimal visit plan.


blueplant computes ideal visit durations based on previous visits, the number of plants to be cared for at a location and individually configurable factors.

Real time

Updated visit times and planning are communicated in real time via the app. Staff instantly see changes with the flexibility to update the plan during a route.


A structured planning view instantly shows staff workloads and where free time slots are available. Current visit statuses are also instantly shown.

Never forget a task or plant during a visit

blueplant as a complete package includes an app for recording activities at the client. Task lists and recording both healthy and problematic plants ensure ideal on-site documentation.

Inventory using QR codes

blueplant's QR codes enable each plant at a location to be uniquely identified and tracked. The plant is then always identifiable even when the client has moved it.

Exchanging information between office and staff

Tasks, as well as comments relating to visits and products, ensure that everyone involved is aware of what needs to be done at any given time.

Farewell paperwork

Gone are the days when staff collected task lists on paper from the office each morning. Required information can now be viewed on a smartphone. An extra trip to the office at the end of the day is also no longer necessary. This leaves more time for clients and visits.

Transparent processes

blueplant records times of all completed visits. This data is available for a range of different reports. It helps to identify untapped potential that will take your business to the next level.

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The future of the interior greening.

Together with our customers, we are continuously working on the further optimization of blueplant and new features. We have listed the biggest of them on this roadmap:


Appointment coordination with customers
We are currently working on a function that can be used to send appointment coordination emails to the customer. On the one hand, this ensures better planning reliability within blueplant and, on the other hand, it prevents time-consuming switching back and forth between your email program and blueplant.

Save routes
Soon, it will be possible to save any number of routes in blueplant that have proven to be efficient. This is particularly advantageous when customers do not have permanently assigned employees. Likewise, saved routes can be used to compensate more quickly for absences due to illness or vacation.

Data import
Gradually, we will enable data import using an Excel spreadsheet for all conceivable master data. The first step is to make it easier to create customers.

Roles and rights
We are currently designing a detailed role and rights system that can be used to create custom roles.


Push notifications will soon be available for various circumstances (assigning a task, setting an appointment, etc.) to make working with the blueplant app easier.

Offline mode
Everything that the app can do online so far should also work without an existing Internet connection in the medium term.